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2008 World Series: Game 1 Play-By-Play October 22, 2008

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I’m going to try to do play-by-play for this whole, entire game. I’m gonna update it every inning, and boldify the important plays. Am I crazy? Probably, but, lets see how it goes.

EDIT: ho, boy. This was crazy-hard to do. Unless one of my faithful reader(s) wants to do it, there’s no way I’m gonna do this again. This is too long, so I’m putting it after the phold.


Huh. The Backstreet Boys doing the Star-Spangled Banner. I haven’t heard them in like ten years. Didn’t there used to be five?

I hate Joe Buck. Is it just me, or does he seem to always root against the Phillies?



Tim Welke. He sounds familiar. Is that good or bad? Oh well.

First pitch: strike. D’oh! Rollins pops out to Zobrist, F9, 1 out.

“Let’s go Rays” chants. Fools. GO PHILLIES.

Jayson Werth gets out to a 3-0 count, but takes a strike on the next Kazmir pitch. And another. Full count. Not good, Phils. Not good. Walk. Good. Man on first, 1 out.

Utley: Nice pitch for strike two. Too good… fouled off a fastball, same count. down and in for a ball. 1-2. Check swing, DENIED. sweet. 2-2. Deep to right field. HOME RUN!!! F*CK YEA!!! 2-0, Phils, 1 out.

Howard: ground out to Iwamura. Of course… 4-3, 2 outs.

Burrell: Backwards K on three nice pitches. Oh well. 3 outs.

2 runs, 1 hit.

Iwamura has a funny accent. Pretty neat that the Rays are doing their own lineup announcing. Is it because they have no fans? Crawford goofs. D’oh!

Iwamura beats out the play. Speedy little dude. Man on first, no one out.

Upton now. Uptown Upton sign flashes on screen. I like it. Hits into a 4-6-3 DP on a 1-1 count. Nicely done, Bossman Jr. 2 outs, no one on.

Pena up. Big bat. Quickly gets a strike on him. Grounds out to Rollins, 6-3. 3 outs.

o runs, 1 hit.


Victorino leads off. I love this guy. “Holds RBI record in postseason, with 11.” That’s because he’s clutch, Joe. 2-1 pitch. Hit to second baseman, can’t make play. IF single. 1 man on, no outs.

Feliz next. Oh crap. Quickly gets out to 3-0, doesn’t swing, strike one. Kazmir tries to pick off Vic. Too slow, safe at first. Walked him. 2 men on, no one out.

This just in: Joe Buck likes catwalks more than the Phillies.

Coste up now, Kazmir very nearly gets Victorino off 2nd. missed him. Again. Strike one to Coste. Swings, strike two. Quickly gets in the hole. Tell me, why is he DH? High and outside, 1-2. Three more, man. three more. Pops out to Zobrist, F9. No one advances. 2 on, 1 out.

Joe, NO ONE CARES ABOUT COWBELLS. Talk about the game. Seriously.

“Chooch” Ruiz up now. Come on, little man. Get a double. Works the pitcher, gets out to 2-0. Kazmir throws at second again. STRIKE. 2-1. another throw to second. Kazmir wild, 3-1. Quickly pops one up behind him for strike two. Full count. Walked him. Nice. Bases loaded, 1 out.

Rollins now. 1-0 pitch, pops out to Upton, F8. Upton throws to home…gets Victorino. Nice throw… 8-2 DP. 3 outs.

2 runs, 2 hits.

Longoria now. Oh boy. Hamels gets him to a 1-1 count, quickly fouls one off, 1-2. Struck him out on four pitches. Well done, Cole. Well done. 1 out.

Now Crawford. 1-0, swings and MISSES at a fastball down the middle. 1-1, quickly gets a ball two. Swings and MISSES AGAIN at a fastball down the middle. 2-2. Keep swingin’, please. Fouls one off down the first base line, 2-2. hits one deep to center, Victorino already there. F8, 2 outs.

Willy Aybar now. 1-0, fouls one off to the broadcast booth. Sweet, he’s aiming for Joe Buck. I like this guy. Takes strike two, 1-2. Sweeeet fastball high in the middle. K #2. Nice. 3 outs.

0 runs, 1 hit.


Werth now. 1-1, hits a blooper down the RF line, slides into second. SAFE! Man on 2nd, 0 outs.

Utley now. AKA God. 1-1, rips one foul. Grounds it to Iwamura, 4-3. Werth on 3rd, 1 out.

Now Howard. AKA Mr. Strikeout. Gets a ball, first time today. Then a strike in the corner. Check swings on a slider low and away, struck him out. Werth on 3rd, 2 outs.

Now Burrell. Quickly in an 0-2 hole, Kazmir throws in the dirt for ball one. Come on Pat, where’s the bat? Big swing, big miss. D’oh! Strike out to end the inning.

2 runs, 3 hits.

D’oh! count: 2.

Navarro pops it up to Howard on a 1-0 pitch. 1 out.

Zobrist follows. Hamels can’t find the strike zone, count 2-1. Ball gets passed Feliz (Double D’oh!). Man on first, 1 out.

Bartlett rounds out the order. 2-0, pops one out of play. Hamels still can’t find the zone, 3-1. First walk. D’oh! Two on, 1 out.

Iwamura back up. Hamels found the zone! 0-1. Iwamura offers the bunt, ball. 1-1. Nice changeup for strike two. Hit into right. Zobrist holds at third, bases loaded. 1 out. Dubee comes out to te mound, asks Hamels what the heck he’s doing.

Upton bats now, tension getting to King Cole. Ball 1, again. Nice fastball for a strike, 1-1. Hamels throws inside this time, 2-1. Hits it to Feliz, 5-6-3 DP. Whew. So lucky.

0 runs, 3 hits.

D’oh! count: 5.


Victorino gets a hit before I can type anything. Man on first, no outs.

“Double Play” Feliz now. 1-1, takes a pitch down the middle. Tell me, why didn’t he swing? 1-2. Kazmir throws to first, Vic beats the throw (again). Feliz swings at pitch high and outside for a foul. D’oh! Wrong pitch, Pete. Hits a blooper up the middle. 2 on, no outs.

DH Coste. Bunts it foul, 0-1. Watches a ball by his armpit. Strike? what the…? 0-2. Sacrifice hit to first, everyone moves up one base. 2 on, one out.

Li’l “Chooch” steps up to the plate with two runners in scoring position. predicition? DP. NOPE. Sac hit, 6-3, RBI. vic scores, Feliz stays. 1 on, 2 outs.

JRoll turns the lineup over, soon falls into 0-2 trap. Backwards K, #4 for Kazmir. D’oh! third out.

3 runs, 5 hits.

D’oh! count: 7.


Middle of the order comes up now.

Pena leads off, swings at first pitch. 3-1. Fool. One out.

Longoria, now. Hits 0-2 pitch right at Feliz, 5-3. Nice. 2 outs.


Aybar goes out 0-2. Three times in a row swinging at the first pitch for the Rays. Pops right to Victorino. Inning over.

1 run, 4 hits.

D’oh! count: 10.



Werth leads off. Awkward swing at first two pitches, 0-2. Hits it to Upton. One out.

Utz now. 0-2, third batter in a row. Come on, dude. Belt another one. Finally, a ball. 1-2. Pops out to Bartlett. 2 outs.

Big 6 comes up, takes a fastball for ball one. And another one. And a third. Way to work it, big guy. What was he doin’ swinging? TWICE!!! 3-2 (add another to the D’oh! column). Pops a foul behind home, and another to the first base line. 3-2 with two foul balls. Tim McCarver’s nursery rhyme amused me. I liked it. Howard hits one to the 1st base dugout, then draws a walk. NICE. 1 on, 2 out.

Pat T. Bat now, but he forgot his bat. 2 Ks on the day, soon goes 1-1. Calls timeout, Kazmir throws strike anyway. 1-1. Fouls one off to third, 1-2. Rips one foul, deep into left. Rips one even deeper. Shot of Rays dugout, someone yawns. Pansy. Burrell wises up, and doesn;t swing. 2-2, repeats, 3-2. Burrell beats Kazmir to the bag, Pena receives an error. 2 on, 2 outs.

Victorino coming up to bat. 3rd at-bat in only 5 innings. Hits one to Iwamura, 4-6 Fielder’s choice. Final out.

3 runs, 5 hits.

D’oh! count: 11


Navarro leading off for the second time in the game. Strike one. Takes a ball down low, 1-1, and its one off the backstop for 1-2. Hits one towards broadcasting booth, but misses Buck/McCarver (darn…). Pops a third foul. Hamels fools him for strike three. 1 out.

Right fielder Zobrist works the count to 3-1 quickly. Hamels doesn’t miss a beat, throws a fastball down the middle for strike two. Hits one to Feliz, throws to Howard. 2 outs.

Shortstop Bartlett comes on, threatens a bunt, but pulls back in time for ball 1. Hamels throws high, ball 2. Bartlett watches the third pitch go by him for strike one, 2-1. And another for strike two. Throws the changeup, misses. Full count. Bartlett gets a walk, second of the game. 1 on, 2 out.

Iwamura lets one past him for a ball. Hamels throws to first, Bartlett safe. Check swing, ball 2. Iffy strike on the outside corner, 2-1. Hamels seems to be tired, IMO (D’oh!). Bartlett takes off for second, Ruiz can’t get there in time (D’oh!), and America gets a free taco from Taco Bell (WOOHOO). 3-2 now to Iwamura, fouls one away, still full count. Iwamura hits one deep into left-center, knocks home Bartlett. 3-2, Phillies. 1 on, 2 outs.

Upton comes up as Dubee comes out to check on “his boy” Hamels. I think they should start warming someone up. He’s not gonna last. Joe Buck reminds us that he hates the Phillies, and Upton swings and misses on first pitch, 0-1. High fastball, ball 1. Changeup hit foul for strike two, count 1-2. Knocks one foul to first, Howard catches it in a Web Gem. 3rd out.

2 runs, 5 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 13

Free Taco count: 1



Double Play Feliz leading off, as the Phillies are cruisin’. Husteles, and gets on first.

Coste, now. Gets out to 1-2, as Kazmir throws his 101st pitch. Game clock just hit two hours, as Coste gets ball 2. Hits another foul, then pops out to second baseman Iwamura, P4. one on, one out.

Ruiz is ignored, as FOX interviews the owner of Taco Bell. He’s BRITISH?!?! Ruiz gets a ball, then knocks one straight to Upton’s glove. 1 on, 2 outs.

JRoll comes up, and swings at the changeup for strike one. Kazmir throws wide left, 1-1. Rollins has the hit look. I can see it. Its in his eyes. Ball 2. Hits 2-1 to Upton for third out, as writer gets hand cramp (D’oh!/Ow!).

3 runs, 6 hits.

D’oh! count: 14.

Free Taco: 1


Pena hits a liner to Howard, who then gives us reason as to why he should DH. E-3. D’oh! One on.

Longoria steps up, and Pena takes off for second. GOT ‘EM! Balk? What balk? (Shhhh…). One out. Longoria works Hamels for two straight balls, before hitting the next pitch foul, 2-1. Hamels throws a sweeeet changeup for strike two. He’s got his mojo back! Gets another, K. 2 down.

Crawford also swings at the first pitch, hits a grounder to Utley, 4-3. Inning over.

2 runs, 5 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 14.

Free Taco: 1.




Werth first to face new pitcher, works count to 1-1. Takes a slider for strike two, Rays fans applaud pitch. Cowbells heard in distance, then get louder as Werth strikes out. D’oh! 1 out.

Mr. Hero comes up again, swings at first pitch (!!!) for strike. Gets a base hit to center. 1 on, 1 out.

Hefty Lefty comes up, and gets a strike as Utley takes off for second. Safe by a mile. Howard lays off, and gets a ball, count now 1-1. Howell throws behind him to second, Utley beats the tag. Safe. Joe Buck continues to remind us that he hates the Phillies as Howard swings at a pitch in the dirt. Ball gets away from Navarro, Utley takes off for third, and makes it standing. Man on third, 1-2 count. Rays fans quieter now. Good. Navarro tosses to third, Utley safe. Drunk Rays fan heard saying “Get out of here. God dammit.” Howard quickly adds two balls to the count for a full count, but swings lazily at a fastball down the middle (that seems to happen alot today). Strike three, first K on the night for Howell. D’oh! 1 on, 2 outs.

Burrell next. Looks on as ball one passes his shoulder. Next pitch in the dirt, Burrell swings anyway. 1-1. Burrell swings at a pitch well outside, strike two. Gets another ball on him, 2-2. Check swing, no. Ball three, full count. Burrell gets a walk on an 89 mph fastball, as Howell gets pulled. Runners on the corners, two outs. Bruntlett comes in to run for Burrell. Clock strikes 11, and the Phillies are leading. Looking very good, Philly.


The Flyin’ Hawaiian gets a quick striek one, then swings too late on the ball, 0-2. Vic takes a 96 mph fastball high and outside for ball one. Phew. Same pitch, same result. 2-2 now, looking very good. Balfour doesn’t get a chance to prove his name, as he throws his sixth fastball in a row, and strikes out Victorino. D’oh! 3 outs.

7th inning stretch comes on, and writer couldn’t remember what he was going to type, nor what the National Anthem was called. D’oh! This game is getting late. Sick day tomorrow?

3 runs, 7 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 18 (yikes)

Free Taco: 1



Willy Aybar first up, works count to 1-2, before hitting an “elevator popout” to Rollins. P-6. One out.

Navarro next. Takes a ball inside for ball 1. Hits a changeup foul, 1-1. Joe Buck’s speech gets slower, and spacier, he’s getting tired too, tries to JYNX Lidge (46-46 in save opps, hasn’t blown one yet). Navarro gets a quick strikes on him, 1-2. Next pitch low and away, ball 2. Navarro strikes out swining, on Hamels’ 100th pitch. 2 outs.

Zobrist comes up, and takes a crisp fastball for strike one. Hits the next one to Utley, throws him out, 4-3. End of inning.

2 runs, 5 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 18

Free tacos: 1



Quikc switch to Action News reveals Phillies logo emblazoned on SIRA center

Feliz leading off, as the Phils seem to forget that they had a week-long layoff before today. Works the count to 1-1 on a pair of fastballs, he then hits the next one into shallow right field for out #1.

“Fargo” comes up to the plate, takes a strike on the first pitch. Hits a broken-bat pitch back to the mound. Out 2.

Chooch Ruiz comes up, and tries to keep the Phillies alive. Takes a breaking ball for a high and inside strike. Follows that up with a fastball high for strike two. Hits one into right, Zobrist makes a nice catch getting to the ball. Out 3.

First 1-2-3 inning for the Phils tonight. D’oh!

3 runs, 7 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 19

Free Tacos: 1



Bartlett swings at the first pitch for strike one. Madson quickly deteriorates, and falls to 2-1, which Bartlett hits high to Howard. Caught, 1 out. Really starting to feel strong for this win.

Iwamura turns the lineup over, watches the first pitch cruise past his eyeball for ball one. Hits next one foul to the left side dirt, 1-1. Looks on as Madson throws a 96 (!!!) mph fastball past him for strike 2. HE then fouls the 1-2 pitch behind him. Madson sends in an 84 mph changeup, but it becomes ball 2. Iwamura really working Madson now, as he takes a fastball for ball three. Full count now, and Iwamura fouls another fastball off behind him. Ruiz comes out for a visit, my guess is asking him what he wants on his hot dogs (Mustard, of course). Iwamura then hits a changeup to Werth for out 2.

Melvin Upton (haha, Melvin) comes up as the tying run again, and swings at the first pitch and hits it foul. Don’t get me started on swinging at the first pitch. 97 mph fastball, inside for a strike. Nice pitch. 0-2, he watches as the fastall sails outside for ball 1, barely missing the plate (D’oh!). Ruiz comes back out, apparently, they are out of mustard. Another changeup, now 2-2. Throws a sweeet fastball inside for strike three. rays go hitless in the inning, and we head to the final thing standing between us and glory–the ninth inning.

Third straight 1-2-3 inning for the Rays, Phillies looking pretty serious now. CAN YOU FEEL IT?!?

2 runs, 5 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 20, and slowing

Free tacos: 1



The Phillies start off the ninth at the top of the order. Rollins watches a strike go past his knees, and watches strike two go past. Goes down on three pitches, all fastballs. 1 out.

Werth up now for the final time, takes a sinker for ball 1. Swings and misses at a fastball down the middle for a strike (D’oh!), and gets to the next one two late, as he hits it into the first base stands for strike two. Next two come in for balls, 3-2 now. He hits it well into right field, and it bounces out for a ground-rule double. Werth on second, one out.

Utley up now, BBalfour lives up to his name, and intentionally walks Utley to get to Howard. 2 men on, 1 out.

Howard walks up, as the Rays make a pitching change, and FOX cuts to commercial.


Howard looks awful, as the phormer phillie gets a strike in. The next pitch is a fastball for strike two, followed up by an encore for strike two. Howard looks lost and confused, as the count is 1-2. D’oh! The big man takes a seat as Miller gets a four-pitch strikeout. 2 on, 2 outs.


Joe Maddon confuses the crap out of me, as he brings in another pitcher against Bruntlett. Bruntlett also looks lost, as Wheeler gets in a breaking ball for ball 1. Hits one foul toward the broadcasting booth (misses again (darn…)), 0-1. Joe uck still hatin’ on the Phillies, and Bruntlett gets a ball in, 1-2. Wheeler waits a while until he throws again, Bruntlett promptly pops it up to Iwamura to end the inning.

3 runs, 8 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 21 (and holding fast)

Free Tacos: 1

Confidence Level: 10/10




Pena comes on, trying to save the day for the Rays, as Buck jinxes Lidge again (knock it off, jerk). Pena fouls the first one off for strike one. Lidge then throws a nice slider for strike two. Rays dugout silently watching their hopes slide away. Lidge promptly gets Pena on a check-swing fastball, low and away. 1 out.

Longoria comes on and tries to live up to his nickname of “Savior”, and fouls off the first two pitches, 0-2. Lidges lands one in the dirt for ball 1. Joe Buck silent now, as the Phillies are winning late in the game. Longoria follows Pena’s command, and strikes out on a Lidge fastball. 2 down, 1 left.

Upton comes up in a final desperation of hope, fouls one off, and takes a changeup for ball 1. Lidge gets him to swing at the slider, strike 2. Tim McCarver makes goofy comment, proves he’s still awake. Buck pretending Lidge isnt gonna strike out Upton, as Upton gets ball 3 on him. Upton proceeds to foul the next two pitches off, count still 3-2. Ruiz goes out to the mounds, now asks Lidge what he wants for dinner after the game. Upton pops up the slider in foul territory near 3rd base, as Pedro Feliz catches it, and the Phillies win Game 1 of the 2008 World Series.

2 runs, 5 hits, 1 error

D’oh! count: 21

Free Tacos: 1


Box Score:

PHILLIES: 3 runs, 8 hits, 1 error (Howard, 6th inning)

RAYS: 2 runs, 5 hits, 1 error (Pena, 5th inning)


Free Tacos: 1

tomorrow brings not only game two, but also a recap of game 1. now, i sleep.



1. wyndy pants - October 22, 2008

this shall be one awesome game

2. windex - October 22, 2008

backstreet boys!? wtf, thats ridiculous why would they get some boy band that hasnt done anything since i was like 5?!

3. Caitlin - October 22, 2008

Backstreet Boys were ridiculous.
Good luck w/ doing a play by play.


4. Nick - October 22, 2008

Good luck following it right. It is prabably going to suck, but what do I know?

5. Nick - October 22, 2008

Not a bad job, keep up the good work.

6. Sean - October 22, 2008

Nick, this is seriously tougher than I thought. I’ll keep truckin’ along!

7. 23gramsofW - October 22, 2008

phillies had best win or nicks house is gonna get egged

8. Raffi - October 23, 2008

That was amusing to read. Good job, you should be a professional. Do it for game 2

9. Caitlin M. - October 23, 2008


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