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2008 World Series- Game 2 Play-By-Play Recap October 23, 2008

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Here we go again. I’m going to attempt to cover the game play-by-play, pitch-by-pitch as best I can. Brett Myers takes the mound tonight against James Shields, as the Phillies try to get a two game lead on the Tampa Bay Rays, and take it back home to Philly. Like yesterday, big plays are bolded, and grammar will be damned.



Tim McCarver misses the opening speech, my guess is, he went to the can.


JRoll, SS Iwamura, 2B

Werth, RF Upton, CF

Utley, 2B Pena, 1B

Howard, 1B Longoria, 3B

Burrell, LF Crawford, LF

Victorino, CF Floyd, DH

Dobbs, DH Navarro, C

Feliz, 3B Baldelli, RF

Ruiz, C Bartlett, SS

Myers, P Shields, P



JRoll works Shields, and gets a full count, but ultimately pops out to second baseman Iwamura, P4. 1 out.

Werth takes a ball, then fouls one away, 1-1. The next pitch is a nice cutter down low, 1-2, before being followed by a ball. Werth hits a blooper to 3B Longoria, who throws it in time to Pena. 5-3, 2 outs.

Utley follows, as the hero of Game 1. He works Shields to get out in front with a 2-1 count, but then takes a low fastball for a strike, and then fouls one off, 2-2. Utley attempts to follow his act from game 1 by hitting it deep to center field, but this time, he hits it straight at Upton for an out, F8. End of inning.

0 runs, o hits, o errors.

D’oh! count: 1

Confidence level: Too early to tell.

Iwamura takes a quick strike, but then waits as Myers piles on four straight balls for a walk. D’oh! 1 on, no outs.

Upton walks up to the plate and swings at the first pitch, but hits it foul, 0-1. He offers the bunt, ut hits it foul, and quickly gets into an 0-2 hole. He then hits a liner into right, but Werth bobbles it on the turf, and Upton advances to second, and Aki to third. D’oh! D’oh! Two on, no outs.

Pena now. He waits patiently as Myers piles three straight curveballs out of the zone, 3-0. Myers tosses another curveball, but finds the plate now, 3-1. Pena belts the next pitch to Utley, 4-3, and earns an RBI as Iwamura crosses the plate. D’oh! 1-0 Rays, 1 on, one out.

Longoria walks to the plate, but hits a ball to JRoll on the third pitch. Out by a mile, 6-3 SAC, RBI. D’oh!. 2-0 Rays, no one on base, two outs.

Crawford comes up, swings at the first pitch, and makes an out. That’s what you get. End of inning.

2 runs, 1 hits, o Ray errors.

D’oh! count: 6 (ouch)

Confidence level: 4/10.


Howard leads off, and swings at two pitches in the dirt, and quickly gets into an 0-2 hole. He takes a ball, then belts one deep into center for a standup double. Man on second, no outs.

Burrell next, he works the count on three straight fastballs to get to 2-2, before fouling one off. The next pitch is outside, full count, as Burrell draws a walk. Two on, no outs.

Victorino comes on, but he pops up the first pitch to Longoria in foul territory. Runners do not advance. Two on, 1 out.

DH Dobbs walks up, representing the winning run, but leads off the at-bat with 2 strikes. Wild pitch, runners advance. 1-2 to Dobbs, who then gets caught looking at strike three. Two on, two out.

DP Feliz comes on, trying to salvage the inning. He works Shields to a 2-1 count, but hits a line drive to Upton for out three. D’oh!

0 runs, 1 hit, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 7 (gulp)

Confidence level: 4/10

The veteran Floyd leads off for the Rays, but hits the first pitch right at JRoll, 6-3. 1 out, no one on.

Switch-hitting Navarro up next. he also belts one up the middle. Utley can’t get to it, Navarro safe for a single. One on, one out. d’oh!

Baldelli comes up now, as Joe Buck reminds us about his disease for the 420720583th time. He takes some pitches, and works the count to 3-2. Baldelli advances to first on a questionable play. He should have been out on a strikeout, but is now standing at first. Two on, one out. D’oh!

Bartlett gets a swinging bunt as Feliz can’t make the play. Bases loaded, one out.

Iwamura comes back up, as Buck and McCarver go back and forth on a call against the Phillies. This time, tough, they’re arguing for the Phillies. Aki gets two quick strikes on, before getting a ball in the dirt. He pops the next one up to JRoll, runners stay. Bases loaded, two outs.

Bossman, Jr. comes up for the second time in as many innings, but swings at the first pitch. He lines it into right, and gets an RBI single as Navarro crosses the plate. D’oh! Baldelli tries to make it 4-0, but is thrown out before he touches the plate, and ends the inning.

3 runs, 4 hits, 0 Ray errors.

D’oh! count: 10 (YIKES)

Confidence Level: 2/10.


Chooch Ruiz leads off the third, and knocks a hit into left. Standup double, no outs.

Rollins comes up now, as the Phillies turn over the lineup. He makes it to 1-1, before fouling one off behind him, 1-2. Rollins knocks the next one to the right side, as the ball bounces off a seam, right into Iwamura’s glove, 4-3. D’oh!. Ruiz advances to third. One on, one out.

Werth now up, and gets a quick strike one, before getting two balls to make it 2-1. He knocks the next one foul, 2-2. Shields gets him striking at a slider low and away, k. d’oh! one on, one out.

Utz now, as he gets a ball, 1-0. He swings at the next one, but Iwamura gets to it to throw Utley out, 4-3. End of inning.

0 runs, 2 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 12 (GASP)

Confidence Level: 2/10.

Pena leads off, but hits the first pitch right to Rollins, P6. One out.

Longoria works the count to 1-2, then hits a flyball to shallow center, caught by Utley. Two outs.

Crawford also swings at the first pitch, hits it straight at Burrell to end the five-pitch inning.

3 runs, 4 hits, 0 errors.

D’oh! count: 12

Confidence Level: 3/10.



Howard swings at the first pitch (!!!) and gets a single to right. One on, no outs.

Burrell comes on, and hits a foul ball behind him, after getting a ball, 1-1. Hits the next one to Longoria on a slow roller. Howard advances to second. Man on second, one out.

Victorino works Shields to 1-1, and then gets a single on a quick play to Iwamura. Safe at first. Two on, one out.

Dobbs gets behind quickly, 0-2, as Shields throws to first trying to pick off Vic. Unsuccessful. Comes back to focus on Dobbs, but throws one well away, but within Navarro’s reach, 1-2. Ken Rosenthal comments on why the Trop sucks, as Dobbs strikes out. D’oh! The Phillies are now 0-20 with runners in scoring position. Two on, two outs.

Feliz on now, getting a second chance to save the game. Gets a ball, but hits the next one to Longoria. Inning over. D’oh!

0 runs, 4 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! count: 12

Confidence Level: 3/10


Floyd breaks his bat on a single to left on the first pitch. D’oh! One on, no outs.

Now Navarro. Gets a strike on him, 0-1, but then gets a hit to center. D’oh! Two on, no outs.

Up next is Rocco Baldelli. Buck continues to rave over how Baldelli overcame his disease. Yes, it’s sentimental, but it’s not the only story out there. Myers throws behind him at second, but Floyd is just barely safe. Baldelli works it to 1-1. He hits it to Feliz, who throws out Navarro at third. Fielder’s choice, 5U. Two on, 1 out.

Bottom hitter Bartlett up next, who gets a squeeze play on. He sacrifices himself to score Floyd. 1 on, 2 outs. D’oh!

Iwamura comes up yet again, as he works the count to 1-2. He hits one to Utley, who gets the throw over to Howard in time to end the inning.

4 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors.

D’oh! count: 15, and rising

Confidence Level: 1/10



Ruiz leads off, and gets the count full, early. He then draws a walk. One on, no outs.

Rollins swings on the first pitch, and hits it to Bartlett, who gets Ruiz out at second. FC 4, as the announcers completely ignore the game. One on, one out. D’oh!

Werth comes on, and JRoll threatens a steal. Werth soon gets two quick strikes, making it 0-2. Shields throws to first, but Rollins is safe. His mind is distracted, as he throws a ball in the dirt to Werth, 1-2. Werth then proceeds to hit the next one up the middle for a single. Two on, one out.

Utley comes up with the tying run in the on-deck circle. Gets a ball, then swings and misses for strike one, 1-1. Utley hits one to Baldelli, who then makes a nice play to Pena for a 9-3 Double Play to end the inning. Double d’oh!

0 runs, 5 hits, 1 error.

D’oh! Count: 18, and on a meteoric rise.

Confidence level: 0/10. BOOO


Upton leads off, and gets one into left, but it is caught. 1 out.

Pena comes up, fresh off the second out of a nice DP against the Phightins. He then draws a walk on four straight pitches. D’oh! one on, one out.

Longoria comes up, and gets a strike, as Ruiz throws over to first, but the ball gets past Howard. Error on Ruiz, and Pena advances. D’oh! D’oh! D’oh! Back on Longoria, the count is now 1-2, as Myers seems to be losing his confidence. He then swings at strike down and in, gets a strikeout. 1 on, 2 outs.

Crawford comes up, and wisely works Myers, as Ruiz comes out to chat with his battery mate (“What kind of pizza you want?”). Crawford hits one to Utley, throws to Howard, out at first. End of the inning.

4 runs, 6 hits, o errors.

D’oh! count: 22 (one more than Game 1).

Confidence Level: 0/10.



Howard starts things off with 2-1 count, then swings lazily at a pitch in the dirt. 2-2 now, as he belts a foul. Then then gets a ball for a full count, then shoots one at Iwamura, but is out at first. D’oh!. One out.

Burrell looks to start a desperately-needed rally, works the count to 2-1, before swinging and missing at a breaking ball low and away for strike two. He promptly hits the next FOUR pitches foul, count stays 2-2. Unfortunately, Burrell misses the next one, and strikes out for out #2. Writer “D’oh!’s”, as Burrell gives his famed stare.

The Flyin Hawaiian looks to keep the Phillies alive. He works the count to an even 1-1, and gets a single (WOOHOO) at first, which sneaks past Pena. one on, two outs.

Dobbs looks to continue the rally, swings at the first pitch and misses for a strike, and then gets another strike on him, 0-2 now. He stays alive, as a ball goes in the dirt, ball one. Dobbs hits one into the gap, and Upton could not get to it in time. Single, Victorino advances to third. Two on, two outs.


Feliz comes on, looks to knock in the Phillies first run of the night. when Wheeler comes in, his first throw is a strike, 0-1. Next pitch is a breaking ball, low and away. Feliz reaches, and hits it right at Longoria, who gets the out at second, FC 54. D’oh! End of the innng.

0 runs, 7 hits, 2 errors

D’oh! count:25

Confidence Level: 0/10


Floyd hits the first pitch right at Utley. One out.

Navarro gets a strike, then hits one foul to Feliz. Out number two.

Baldelli comes up, and hopes to save the inning for the Rays, and gets into a 1-2 hole, before striking out to end the inning. Nice inning. WE NEED MORE!!

4 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors.

D’oh! count: 25, and holding for the moment

Confidence Level: 1/10 (short 1-2-3 inning brings new hope.)



Ruiz comes up as Buck AGAIN talks about Baldelli’s disorder. C’mon!!!! Knock it off! Ruiz suddenly finds himself in a 1-2 hole, as the next one goes over his head (not very hard) for ball 2. Chooch hits the next one far down the first base line, but curving foul. The next two also go foul, but this time to left field. It seems as if, suddenly, Ruiz is carrying the team. Ruiz its yet another one foul, but this time behind him. He has now hit the ball everywhere BUT in front of him. The next pitch is a ball, which gives a full count. Ruiz draws a walk, and the Phillies now have a man on first, and nobody out.

Rollins comes up. Hoping to follow his pint-sized teammate’s lead, Rollins starts off with two balls , and then hits two foul. Note to Jimmy: You’re not Carlos Ruiz. So stop copying him, and get your MVP act together. JRoll holds off, and draws a full count, but ultimately strikes out. D’oh! Ruiz takes off for second, and Rollins gets in the way of the throw, so safe at second. one on, one out.

Werth then comes up, but gets into a hole against Wheeler, 0-2. He proceeds to hit one more foul, and the next one gets away from Navarro, ball one. 1-2, now, as Wheeler looks behind him at Ruiz, and throws to Werth, who belts it foul. He gets fooled by a sweeet pitch from Wheeler for a strikeout. D’oh! One on, two outs.


Chase is the first to face the 23 year-old phenom, and gets three straight, fastball pitches for balls. Price becomes worried, and throws one wide. Four striaght fastballs for a walk. Two on, two outs.

Howard comes up, and has that “home run” stare in his eyes. I can feel one coming, folks. That or a strikeout. First pitch: slider edge of the plate, strike one, then quickly gets a fastball in the one for strike 2, before finally getting a ball. And another. Price is not throwing too well, as the count goes to 2-2. He recovers, however, and strikes out “Big 6” to end the inning. DOUBLE D’OH!!!

0 runs, 7 hits, 2 errors.

D’oh! Count: 28, and back on the rise.

Confidence Level: 0/10 (3 outs by strikeouts loses all hope).


Bartlett leads the inning, gets a 1-1 single to center field, falls for a single. 1 on, no outs.

Aki Iwamura up now,works Myers to a 1-0 count, and then hits a shot to Burrell, out number one.

Melvin Upton hustles to the plate, and fouls the first pitch off, 0-1. He watches as Myers throws the next two inside, for balls. Myers throws inside again, but this time gets it over the plate for strike two. Upton waits, patiently (surprisingly) as he gets a full count, and then fouls three pitches off. He then hits into a 6-4-3 DP to end the inning.

4 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors.

D’oh! count: 28.

Confidence Level: 1/10 (1-2-3 inning brings more false hope).



Burell leads off in an inning he;s not usually accustomed to. He stayed in the game, presumably to keep his bat around. He soon finds himself into an 0-2 hole, but then Price throws two balls in the dirt to even the count at 2-2. Burrell hits the next one foul into the stands, but Longoria hustles over, and makes a good catch. One out.

Victorino comes on, and Price lost his control, as he throws 3 balls, before landing a strike. He hits a full count chopper to Longoria, who throw to first. 5-3, two outs. no one on.

Bruntlett comes in to pinch hit for Dobbs, in his first WS at-bat. AND ITS OUTTA HERE!!! HOMERUN TO LEFT FIELD!!! The Phillies are on the board, now 4-1 Rays.

Feliz comes on, and quickly diminishes any hope, as he grounds out to Iwamura to end the inning. D’oh!

1 run, 8 hits, 2 errors.

D’oh! Count: 29.

Confidence Level: 3/10 (Pinch hit HR brings it up to a 5, but Feliz diminishes hopes, leaving it at a 3).



Pena is the first Ray to face “Jesus Cristo” Romero.    He soon finds himself at 1-2, and strikes out looking.  One out.

Jonny Gomes reminds us that the entire Tampa area is crazy, as Longoria comes up to bat.  He finds himself 0-2, before hitting a popup to shallow CF.  Utley’s got it, out two.

Crawford swings at the first pitch (!!!!), and hits a flyball to Werth to end the inning.

4 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors.

D’oh! Count: 29.

Confidence Level: 2/10 (1-2-3 inning fuels hopes, but heading into the ninth inning down by three isn’t very good).



Ruiz leads the “final crusade”, and works Price for a 1-2 count, before hitting one foul.  Price loses control for a sec, and gets Ruiz to a full count.  Ruiz gets a niiice hit down the right field line, and gets a standup double, keeping the Phillies hopes alive.  one on, no outs.

Rollins follows, soon finds himself in a 1-1 count, and grazed by the ball.  AGAIN, th umpire rules in favor of the Rays, and he stays at the plate.  D*ck. 2-1, Rollins swings and misses at an inside fastball for strike 2.  Price throws one high and away full count now.  He hits a blooper into shallow left, but Bartlett covers, and snatches it for out 1.  D’oh! One on.

Werth hits a tough one up the middle, sends Ruiz home, and ends at first, with an RBI error on Bartlett.  One on, one out.

Utley comes up, finds himself 0-1, and hits one foul for strike two.  Utley represents the tying run, but fails to live up to it, and strikes out at a BAAD time.  D’oh!

Howard comes on, with two outs, but hits a grounder to Iwamura to end the game.  Double D’oh!

2 runs, 9 hits, 2 errors.

Final D’oh! Count: 33. Ouch.


Philllies 2 runs, 9 hits, 2 errors (Howard,  Ruiz)

Rays 4 runs, 6 hits, 1 error (Bartlett).

Tomorrow is an offday, as the Phillies take it home, and play on Saturday.  go Phillies!



1. Raffi - October 23, 2008

This game better get better

2. Raffi - October 23, 2008

No more d’oh’s please

3. Raffi - October 23, 2008

this game sucks

4. nard - October 23, 2008

yeah were doin pretty bad CRAKR A*S B!TCH

5. Sean - October 23, 2008

I agree.

6. Raffi - October 23, 2008

I think ill change my vote to “I haz a penny”

7. Caitlin - October 23, 2008

I have one this to say about this game…

I haz a penny.

8. Raffi - October 23, 2008


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