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Game 5 Play-By-Play October 27, 2008

Posted by Sean in Phillies.tk Archives.
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I didn’t intend to do this, but I figured that this game was too important not to do. If the Phillies win today (and take NOTHING for granted), then the parade will be Wednesday afternoon, but I’m not sure what time exactly.

On to the PBP. As with Games 1 and 2, this is going to cover all plays in the game as best as I can (plus a few extra tidbits), big plays boldified, and grammar be damned.

What a  game, huh?  If you wanna “relive” the magic, click for more.


Joe Buck still roots for the Rays. Loser. Not much time for pregame, I was busy doing Robotics. Game on!


King Cole starts the game off with a strike against Iwamura, before giving up a hit to left, caught by Burrell. 1 out.

Crawford next, hits the first pitch right at JRoll, who dropped it, but successfully makes the throw to first. 2 outs.

Bossman, Jr. comes up, and then hits the second pitch right at Jroll, who makes the throw to Howard for out three.

o runs, o hits, o errors.

D’oh! count: zero.

Confidednce level: 7/10 (Hamels brings confidence high, but constant fear of Rays comeback keeps hopes wary).

Rollins leads off against Kazmir, who gets out to a 3-0 count before fouling off a pitch for strike one. Kazmir than gets a fastball by him to give a full count. Rollins proceeds to hit the ball to left field, where it is caught by Crawford.

Werth next. He gets a full count, before drawing a walk. Nice. 1 on, 1 out.
Kazmir then promptly hits Utley with a pitch. 2 on, 1 out.

Two-homer Howard comes up now, and gets out to a 1-1 count when MVP chants are heard. Fans get quiet as he strikes out. D’oh! 2 on, 2 out.

Burrell swings at the first pitch (!!!!), but hits it foul, but then makes up for it as he gets a walk on four straight balls. Bases loaded, 2 out.

Victorino comes up now, and he has that “Grand Slam” look in his eyes. Or maybe it’s gas. I don’t know. Kazmir struggles to find the plate, as he gets behind Vic 2-1. He then hits an RBI line drive to left, Werth scores. 2 on, 2 out.

DP Feliz follows, gets a strike, and then hits a single to the left side of the infield. Bases loaded again, 2 out.

Ruiz comes up next, bringing with him a .417 average, and looking to increase it. Anyone else feeling a grand slam? Never mind. He hits a sac fly to left (was he looking to go deep?) for out number three.

2 R, 2 H, 0 E

D’oh! count: 1.

Confidence Level: 8/10 (victorino clutch hit knocks it up a notch).


Pena tried to bunt to first base, but fails miserably. One out.

Longoria hits a shot to CF, but Victorino catches it for the second out.

Navarro walks up next, and works Hamels to a 3-1 count, before fouling one off for a full count, and then Hamels walked him. D’oh! 1 on, 2 outs.

Baldelli then takes a pitch before popping one up to Utley to end the inning.

0 R, 0 H, 0 E

D’oh! count: 2.

Confidence Level: 8.5/10 (second straight 1-2-3 inning raises hopes, but Hamels’ pitch count brings caution into the equation).

Hamels leads off, before going down on three straight strikes (no d’oh!, becuase it’s the pitcher). 1 out.

Rollins comes up for the second time in as many innings, and works the count full before hitting a popup into right. 2 outs.

Werth comes up again, and looks to keep the Phillies alive in the inning. He gets to 2-2, before hitting one foul into the right field stands. He then gets a hit into left on the next pitch. 1 on, 2 outs.

Utley comes up, takes a strike, than hits an elevator popup to Longoria to end the inning.

2 runs, 3 H, 0 E.

D’oh! Count: Holding strong at 2.

Confidence Level: 8/10 (lame inning drops it a smidge).


Bartlett leads off, and falls to an 0-2 count. He then works his way back to earn 2-2, and thens hits two foul balls up the third base line. On the next pitch, he gets a check-swing single to third, Feliz throws him out 5-3 for out #1.

Hamels returns the favor, and strikes out Kazmir on three pitches. 2 outs.

Iwamura comes up , and works the count to 2-1, before fouling one off behind him for strike two. On the next pitch, he gets the Rays’ first hit, on a blooper to shallow center. 1 on, 2 out.

Crawford comes up, swings at the first pitch (!!!), hits it to Utley and ends the inning. Haha.

0 R, 1 H, 0 E.

D’oh! Count: A miniscule 2.

Confidence Level: 8/10 (3rd innig neither adds nor takes away from hopes).

Howard leads off, but strikes out (!!!!) on three straight pitches, and proceeds to increase my D’oh! count. One out.

Burrell comes up, works the count to 1-1, but then pops one up to RF for out number two.

Victorino comes up and looks to save the inning again, but soon finds himself in an 0-2 hole, before whiffing at a high third strike. Inning over. D’oh!

2 R, 3 H, 0 E.

D’oh! Count: Doubling to 4.

Confidence Level: 8/10 (1-2-3 inning drops hope, but anticipation keeps ’em high).



Upton leads off, and this time lets some pitches past him. He hits a 1-1 ball to Feliz, who throws to Howard. One out.

Cleanup hitter Pena comes up, but FOX ignores the inning for an interview with Joe Maddon. When the screen comes back, the count is 1-1. He hits the ball DEEEEEP to RF, where it bounces off the wall, over Werth’s head for Pena’s first hit in the series. 1 on, 1 out. D’oh!

Longoria hits one to Rollins on the first pitch, and knocks in a run. 1 on, 1 out. D’oh!

Navarro comes up, representing the winning run, and gets ahead of Hamels, 3-0. Rain starts to come down harder, and Joe Buck (who’s inside a booth, likely with a heater) complains. Wimp. Cutting back to the action, Navarro gets a strike on him, and then hits one to Rollins in an inning-ending DP.

1 R, 3 H, 0 E.

D’oh! Count: 6, and back on the rise.

Confidence Level: 7/10 (solid Rays inning previews what they are capable of).


Feliz leads off, as Buck continues to complain about weather that he doesn’t have to bare. He’s in the press box for God’s Sake! Back in action, Feliz strikes out on three pitches. 1 out. D’oh!

Chooch Ruiz comes up, and gets a nice squeaker past Bartlett into left for a hit. 1 on, 1 out.

Cole Hamels comes up, and looks to advance the runner with a bunt. The pitch knicks his pitching hand, but the writer thinks he will be ok. Hamels bunts it back to the mound, who throws out Ruiz at second in a Fielder’s Choice. Two outs. D’oh!

Rollins comes up, hoping to save the inning, and works Kazmir to a full count. He then fouls off two pitches, before drawing ball four. Two on, two out.

Werh comes on looking to do more damage to the Rays, as Kazmir struggles to find the zone. He gets to a 2-1 count, before fouling several pitches off, culminating in strike two, and a ball stuck between the Chevy Traverse sign, and its encasing. Werth gets another ball, before fouling even more pitches off. Kazmir finally gets a pitch past Werth, albeit for a ball, which earns Jay a walk. Bases loaded, two outs (Sounds familiar).

Utley comes up to much fanfare, and works it to yet another full count, but he hits it right at Iwamura, who throws to Pena, and ends the inning.

2 R, 4 H, 0 E.

D’oh! Count: 8

Confidence Level: 6.75/10 (Combination of Rays comeback and Phillies struggling with RISP leaves hopes in a freefall).



Baldelli hits one high to Rollins, who struggles with the weather, and can’t make the play. One on. D’oh!

“Free Taco” Bartlett gets a first pitch strike, and then another strike on pitch two, to get behind early 0-2. He hits it to Utley who makes a NIIICE tag on Baldelli, and then throws to Howard for the DP. Nice. Two outs, bases empty.

Kazmir comes up, as the rain gets so hard that it can be seen on the television, but it doesn’t matter because he struck out on three pitches again.

1 R, 3 H, 0 Ray Errors.

D’oh! Count: 9

Confidence Level: 8/10 (Nice play by Utley raises hopes superficially high).


Howard leads the inning off, and gets ahead early, 2-0, and eventually earns a walk. One on.

Burrell comes up as some meteorologist yammers about the rain (this is just annoying now), and quickly gets ahead of Kazmir, 2-1. I’m not sure if it’s the footing, or the slippery balls (hehehe), but Kazmir can’t find the strike zone very well tonight. TV screen goes black, but audio works fine (other way around, FOX), as Burrell gets a full count. TV comes back, just in time to see Burrell walk, and Kazmir pulled. Two on, no outs.


Victorino offers a bunt, but hits Balfour’s first pitch foul. He goes for the swing next time, but hits it to Crawford for the first out.

Feliz comes up now, and hits the first pitch deep, but foul. He swings again, and fouls it off, to get into an 0-2 funk. He hits it high over Pena, who struggles to find it in the lights, but makes the catch anyway. Two outs.

Ruiz now, follows the lead , and gets a first-pitch strike. He then fouls one off to make it 0-2. He pops it up to the same spot as Feliz, as Pena makes the out. End of inning, and this game is now official.

2 R, 4 H, 1 Phils Error

D’oh! Count:9

Confidence Level: 7/10 (Phillies offensive indifference drops hopes down).



Grounds Crew works dilligently to better the playing field, takes almost ten minutes of commercials/Buck-McCarver rants to stall for time.

Iwamura leads off, and works Hamels for a 2-2 count. Hamels strikes him out on a nice pitch.

Crawford swings at the first pitch, and hits a chopper to Howard. Two outs.

Upton comes up, hoping to salvage the inning, and he works Hamels to a 2-1 count. Buck completely ignores the game, and rants about the weather (again), as Upton grounds to JRoll, who lets the ball slip loose for an error. D’oh! Safe at first, two outs.

Pena comes up, and you can see his breath as he bats. God Bless Philadelphia October Baseball!!! He takes his time, and gets a strike on him, as Upton steals, and slides safe into mud-ridden second base. D’oh! Pena works it to 2-1, and then fouls one off, 2-2. He hits a single past the muck that became third base, and knocks in Upton. D’oh! one on, two out.

Longoria comes up with the game now tied at 2 apiece, but ends the inning on a flyball to Victorino. Inning over.

2 R, 4 hits, o Ray errors.

D’oh! Count: 11.

Confidence Level: 4/10 (The muck that is the infield now makes me worry aloud about the game)



Game’s been suspended, folks. the commish said that the game can be resumed when weather conditions allow, 8 PM tomorrow at the earliest. Good night, and see you tomorrow.

TUESDAY EDIT: The game has been cancelled again, so the game will be tomorrow. D’oh! If not, well, they’re in trouble. November baseball does not compute.

…And we’re back!!! Leading off this Wednesday night, the 29th of October, 2008 is the pitcher’s spot, which was originally Cole Hamels, but he has been pulled, as Ryan Madson is coming in the game to “start”, and Jenkins comes up to pinch-hit.

First pitch of the night: a ball! Good sign! But Jenkins then muffs it up, and gets two strikes on him, before recovering with another two more ball, full count. Jenkins hits it deep to right, the right fielder CAN’T GET IT!!!! Double for Jenkins. One on, no outs.

Due up now, JRoll. He sacrifices himself to Longoria, Jenkins advances. One on, one out.

Rays start to warm two guys up already, as Werth steps to the plate. Balfour gets behind him fast, 2-0, but soon recovers with two strikes, 2-2, and hits one to second base. Iwamura CAN’T MAKE THE PLAY!!! Jenkins scores, Werth safe at first. One on, one out, and the Phillies are leading.

And already a pitching change.


Chase Utley is the first to face Howell, and the first throw is a pickoff to first, but not in time. Dan Wheeler is getting loose now, I guess that’s how well Maddon trusts his pitcher. First pitch to Utley is a strike, and then another, 0-2. The next pitch is a swinging strike. D’ooooh! One on, two out.

Howard comes up, as Werth slides into second, SAFE!! Nice slide. Howard swings at the first pitch (!!!) and pops it up to Longoria to end the inning.

3 R, 6 H, 1 Phillies E

D’oh! Count: 14

Confidence level: 8/10 (“Early” lead and anticipation make this rate skyrocket).



PITCHING CHANGE: RYAN MADSON COMES ON TO PITCH FOR COLE HA+MELS (I left the plus in there on purpose, A+, get it?)

Madson gets out in front early, 0-2, but then gets a ball to Navarro. Next pitch, struck ‘im out on a sweeet fastball. One out.

Baldelli comes up next, and hits a homer on the first pitch. D’OHD’OHD’OHD’OHD’OH. One out.

Hamels can no longer get the win, now. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, MADSON?!?

Bartlett comes up, works the count to 1-2, and then gets a single to left. One on, one out.

Howell comes up, and offers the bunt, but gets a strike instead, and then sacrifices himself to move Bartlett to second on the next pitch. One on, two outs, and Madson is pulled.


Iwamura is the first to face Romero, and he gets a strike right off the bat. He swings at the next one to Utley, who can’t make the play at first. He instead throws to home, and GETS BARTLETT OUT AT THE PLATE. Inning over. What a play. “Chase Utley, you are the man.” -Harry Kalas, summer ’07. Well said Harry, well said.

3 R, 6 H, 0 Ray errors.

D’oh! Count: 19

Confidence Level: 9/10 (Nice play by Utley, and leaving runners stranded kicks it up a notch).


Burrell leads off the inning, and works Howell to a 1-1 count, before hitting the ball deep to center, where Upton can not reach it. Safe for a double, no outs.

Bruntlett comes on to pinch-run for Burrell, who might have just had his last hit in a Phillies uniform. PITCHING CHANGE: CHAD BRADFORD COMES IN FOR J.P. HOWELL.

Victorino comes up, and gets a ball, before offering for a bunt, for two strikes in a row, 1-2. He now opts to swing, and sacrifices himself to Iwamura, 4-3, and advances the runner to third. One on, one out.

Feliz comes up, as David Price warms up in the Rays ‘pen. Feliz swings at the first pitch (!!!), but knocks it foul. He hits the next pitch on a groundball to Bartlett, who can’t get to it time, and scores the run. One on, one out.

Chooch Ruiz comes up, but gets two strikes, and then hits the ball past the pitcher, to Iwamura, who makes the out at second on a fielder’s choice. One on at first, two outs.

Romero comes up, swings at the first pitch (!!!) and makes the same play as Ruiz. Strange. Inning over.

4 R, 7 H, 1 Phillies E.

D’oh! Count: 19, and hopefully in bed for the night.

Confidence Level: 10/10, and no going back.



Crawford leads off, looking funny in a ski mask under his jersey, who waits patiently (???), as two balls and a pair of strikes get past him, 2-2. He knocks one into center for a hit, one on, no outs.

Upton swings at the first pitch, but hits it right to Jimmy, who gets him into a 6-4-3 DP. Two outs, bases empty.

Pena comes up looking to keep the Rays alive, and waits as Romero gets three straight balls past him, 3-0, before Romero sneaks a strike in there. He hits it to Bruntlett, F7, inning over.

3 R, 7 H, 0 Ray errors

D’oh! Count: 19, and snoozin’.

Confidence Level: 10/10. The Rays are caught, skinned, filleted, and canned. It’s over.



The Phils start at the top of the order, as Rollins gets ahead of “The Messiah”, 2-0. He hits it deep to LF, but Crawford is there, out one.

Werth is on, now, and works Price to 1-1, before being nearly hit in the shins by a pitch. 2-1, now. He pops the next one up behind him for a foul ball, strike two, and then strikes out for out number two.

Utley comes on, and gets ahead of the pitcher, 3-1. He swings and misses at the last one, to make the count full, and then successfully earns a two-out walk. One on, two out.

Howard comes on, looking to extend the inning. He works the count to 2-1, as Utley steals second. Howard then strikes out on two solid, fastball strikes. End inning.

4 R, 7 H, 1 Phils Error.

D’oh! Count: Doesn’t fucking matter, now. It’s the 9th inning, yo.

Confidence Level: 10/10. Duh.



Longoria leads off, gets a strike first pitch. Pops one up for strike two, but then gets a ball on him. CAN YOU FEEL IT?!? 2-2, as another pitch gets past Lidge, and then pops another one foul. Popped hijm up to second, TWO OUTS LEFT.

Navarro comes on, gets strike one. Swings at the next on, strike two. CAN YOU FEEL IT?!?!? I think I jinxed it. Navarro gets a hit into right, with a broken bat. One on, two outs left.

Zobrist comes on to pinch-hit for Baldelli, and gets a first-pitch strike. The next one slips out of Lidge’s hand, for ball one. Pinch runner Perez comes on, and then steals second, as Zobrist gets a ball, 2-1. Hits it into right, Werth catches it. ONE OUT LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCK!!!

Hinske comes on, hoping to not go down in infamy as the last out in a Rays loss. Can’t say that (jinx). Hits the first one foul, as the writer’s heart beat is RACING. CAN YOU FEEL IT ?!?!?!?!?!?! Gets a check swing on strike two. ONE STRIEK LEFT, AND THE FANS ARE GOING NUTS. THIS IS IT. STRIKE THREE.






1. amanda - October 27, 2008

wow, someone is busy tonight!!! nice job, i don’t believe you have a short attention span,it’s too detailed =D

2. Raffi - October 30, 2008

Yay Phillies good job Sean

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