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This Week Is Special November 23, 2008

Posted by Sean in Meh (other things off the top of my head), Phillies.tk Archives.

It’s the one year anniversary of Phillies.tk.  Starting Monday, we will bring out our top-rated posts, and make new ones, all while partying it up.  Monday brings you top post #5, Tuesday (November 25th) is the site’s birthday, so Tuesday will bring an extra-special surprise, in addition to the  fourth-highest post, Wednesday the third highest, Thursday the second, and then we’ll end the work week with the best-rated Phillies.tk post ever.  I can hardly hold my excitement.

Greg Golson Traded November 20, 2008

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Scott Lauber breaking the news. It seems that new GM Ruben Amaro, Jr. is not afraid to make daring, original deals. The Phillies traded the double-A prospect to the Texas Rangers for power-hitting prospect John Mayberry, Jr.  I think this deal adds another potential bat into the mix for left field, if Pat T. Bat leaves as a free agent.  I like the  deal.  It’s basically a speed prospect-for-hitting prospect deal.  Mayberry is primarily a left fielder, and split his time  between AAA and AA, and I think he could make a fine replacement for Burrell in the 5-hole.

[Ed.’s Note: I’ll get numbers up eventually (yeah right).  I’m too tired right now, and NBC Thursday is on, as  well as Dodgeball on FX.]

Oh Noez. November 20, 2008

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Second baseman Chase Utley is going to have hip surgery next week, which could put him out until May or June. Uh-oh. Third baseman Pedro Feliz is also going to be out (but only for 8-12 weeks from now), but won’t be as big of a hit as Utley.

Who’s going to replace Utley? Good question. My favorite option is farmhand Jason Donald. He’s currently focusing on third base in the Arizona Fall League, but a transition to second should be easier for him, compared to a move to third (from shortstop, of course). Another in-house option would be Tadahito Iguchi, providing he doesn’t bolt for free agency.

A current list of free agent second basemen can be found here. Some interesting names include: David Eckstein (played with the Jays and Diamondbacks last year), Ray Durham (who played with the Brewers), Type A Orlando Hudson (Diamondbacks), Marcus Giles (who last played for the Padres in 2007) and former Phillie pharmhand Nick Punto (Twins, primarily as a third baseman, though).

What the Coco Crisp Deal Means To The Phillies November 19, 2008

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Earlier today, it was announced that the Red Sox traded outfielder Coco Crisp (please, no breakfast cereals jokes) to the Royals for middle reliever Ramon Ramirez. Crisp started the year off as the Sox’s starting center fielder, but ended it as a platoon with center fielder of the future, Jacoby Ellsbury. The Red Sox had made it known publicly that they wanted more bullpen help, and with the addition of Ramirez (who is likely going to be the Sox’s primary setup man behind Jonathan Papelbon), which enables them to move righty Justin Masterson into to the rotation, where he is more comfortable.

This deal likely lessens free agent pitchers A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe’s bargaining power. The Red Sox figured to be a major player in the “bidding war” for either (or both) of these quality starters. With the bullpen likely settled, and Masterson in the rotation, the 2007 World Champions are likely set with pitching. This means, now, that the Phillies could swing in and pick one up (however unlikely that is).

On a lesser scale, the Royals were considered far-fetched suitors for Pat Burrell. I say far-fetched because they most definitely do not have the money it would take to afford the former #1 pick. However, this does not put them out of the running completely. If they trade away David DeJesus and/or Mark Teahen (as expected), and if they somehow garnered some cash, a deal could be made for the slugger.

In short, this deal means that Derek Lowe, A.J. Burnett, and Pat Burrell all have lost at least some bargaining power, which makes them all the more sweeter for the reigning world champions of baseball.

Phillies v. Eagles, Who would win? November 17, 2008

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As most everyone knows, unless you have been living under a rock, the Phillies won the World Series and the Eagles are a big dissapointment. What I am going to do right now is analyze what would happen if the Eagles played in a baseball game against the Phillies , and if the Phillies played a football game against the Eagles…

Baseball:The Eagles are just not playing football very well (they tied against the Bengals!) so what would happen if they tried their luck in a game of baseball? First we have pitchers. McNabb can throw a bullet with a football, but may not have the pinpoint accuracy needed for a pitcher, and also they have Kolb as their backup so that may also have a chance. For catcher they could probably have any one of their linmen that could block the ball and at least throw it back to the pitcher. For most of the other fielding positions any of the RBs or WRs would be ok fielders. Now for Batting. Well they have Huge linemen and the theory is that the bigger they are, the farther they hit the ball, so that is a plus. In turn, those guys are also very slow so they would probably result in less RBI’s with RISP because those guys won’t be able to get around the bases fast enough. But you also have guys like DeSean Jackson and Brian Westbook, who can speed around the bases lightning fast. If the Eagles team was a seasoned baseball team, I conclude that they would not be able to defeat the Phillies in a regular season baseball game because the Eagles are not very good at anything and the Phillies RULE!!!!

Projected score: Phillies-7 Eagles-3

Football: First we have the Quarterback. Cole Hamels and Brett Myers would probably be great Quarterbacks, maybe even Lidge. Now for some receivers. Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, and Eric Bruntlett would probably be great RBs, and Chase Utley and Jayson Werth could be good WRs. Feliz or Dobbs would be good kickers, don’t ask me why. For the Defensive and Offensive lines they have big and/or stocky guys such as “Chooch” Ruiz, Ryan Howard, Matt Stairs, Joe Blanton, and Pat Burrell. Since baseball players mostly play offense and defense in games, there would be some players playing offense and defense. If the Phillies were a seasoned football team, I conclude that it would be a close game with the Phillies ending up on top because the Phiillies RULE!!!!

Projected score: Phillies-21 Eagles-17

Hey guys November 16, 2008

Posted by Sean in Meh (other things off the top of my head), Phillies.tk Archives.
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Hey, my name is Harry and Im a proud Phillies fan. I spent most of my life living in Philadelphia thinking it would be cool to be different and not root for the Fightins, the Birds, the Broadstreet Bullies, or the Sixers. Well about three years ago I took a trip to Central Florida, Ray’s Country (as long as they are in the World Series), and never came back. Under the estimation that no one has been born in Central Florida since, oh say about 1877, it is safe to assume that many people migrate down here and bring their love of their home teams making a very heterogeneous mixture of sports fans, myself representing the 215 if you will. Over these years I’ve become obsessed, most notably with the Phillies (your 2008 WORLD CHAMPS BABY!), and I’m ready to spill my guts all over these blogs, leaking red pinstripes, golden gloves, perfect closers, and two-part world series games all over anyone willing to read.

And by the way, my fellow Philadelphians, lets just let the Eagles lose out and get rid of Andy Reid. As a person, we all love him, as a coach…GET OUT!

Hi, from Raffi November 16, 2008

Posted by Sean in Meh (other things off the top of my head), Phillies.tk Archives.
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My name is Raffi and my friend Sean wanted me to write for his site so now I am.

Hopefully you will read my posts and like them.



Ruben Amaro, Jr. to Be Named GM November 2, 2008

Posted by Sean in Phillies.tk Archives, Sports (and other things relating to sports).

Pat Gillick is going to officially retire on top, and his assistant Amaro is going to be named his successer. In a shocking move, Mike Arbuckle (who I considered the better man) is going to leave the organization and find better opportunities (another GM opening?) after losing out in the “two-man sweepstakes.” All of this is unofficial, of course, until Monday when the GM meetings kick off in California. It is not known whether or not other high-ranking officials will follow Arbuckle out the door.


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