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Hey guys November 16, 2008

Posted by Sean in Meh (other things off the top of my head), Phillies.tk Archives.

Hey, my name is Harry and Im a proud Phillies fan. I spent most of my life living in Philadelphia thinking it would be cool to be different and not root for the Fightins, the Birds, the Broadstreet Bullies, or the Sixers. Well about three years ago I took a trip to Central Florida, Ray’s Country (as long as they are in the World Series), and never came back. Under the estimation that no one has been born in Central Florida since, oh say about 1877, it is safe to assume that many people migrate down here and bring their love of their home teams making a very heterogeneous mixture of sports fans, myself representing the 215 if you will. Over these years I’ve become obsessed, most notably with the Phillies (your 2008 WORLD CHAMPS BABY!), and I’m ready to spill my guts all over these blogs, leaking red pinstripes, golden gloves, perfect closers, and two-part world series games all over anyone willing to read.

And by the way, my fellow Philadelphians, lets just let the Eagles lose out and get rid of Andy Reid. As a person, we all love him, as a coach…GET OUT!



1. Sean - November 16, 2008

Haha, one post and already ranting about Andy Reid. Welcome Harry.

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