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Phillies v. Eagles, Who would win? November 17, 2008

Posted by Sean in Meh (other things off the top of my head), Phillies.tk Archives, Sports (and other things relating to sports).

As most everyone knows, unless you have been living under a rock, the Phillies won the World Series and the Eagles are a big dissapointment. What I am going to do right now is analyze what would happen if the Eagles played in a baseball game against the Phillies , and if the Phillies played a football game against the Eagles…

Baseball:The Eagles are just not playing football very well (they tied against the Bengals!) so what would happen if they tried their luck in a game of baseball? First we have pitchers. McNabb can throw a bullet with a football, but may not have the pinpoint accuracy needed for a pitcher, and also they have Kolb as their backup so that may also have a chance. For catcher they could probably have any one of their linmen that could block the ball and at least throw it back to the pitcher. For most of the other fielding positions any of the RBs or WRs would be ok fielders. Now for Batting. Well they have Huge linemen and the theory is that the bigger they are, the farther they hit the ball, so that is a plus. In turn, those guys are also very slow so they would probably result in less RBI’s with RISP because those guys won’t be able to get around the bases fast enough. But you also have guys like DeSean Jackson and Brian Westbook, who can speed around the bases lightning fast. If the Eagles team was a seasoned baseball team, I conclude that they would not be able to defeat the Phillies in a regular season baseball game because the Eagles are not very good at anything and the Phillies RULE!!!!

Projected score: Phillies-7 Eagles-3

Football: First we have the Quarterback. Cole Hamels and Brett Myers would probably be great Quarterbacks, maybe even Lidge. Now for some receivers. Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, and Eric Bruntlett would probably be great RBs, and Chase Utley and Jayson Werth could be good WRs. Feliz or Dobbs would be good kickers, don’t ask me why. For the Defensive and Offensive lines they have big and/or stocky guys such as “Chooch” Ruiz, Ryan Howard, Matt Stairs, Joe Blanton, and Pat Burrell. Since baseball players mostly play offense and defense in games, there would be some players playing offense and defense. If the Phillies were a seasoned football team, I conclude that it would be a close game with the Phillies ending up on top because the Phiillies RULE!!!!

Projected score: Phillies-21 Eagles-17



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