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#1: Magnets January 1, 2012

Posted by Sean in Burritos (and other awesome things).

Magnetic Field, courtesy Wikipedia

Magnets are awesome.  They’re so common, and yet we can’t fully explain them.  I mean, yes, we know they attract and repel, there’s a north side and a south side, a “field” around it that makes a curvilinear shape (seen above), but we can’t say with 100% accuracy why certain metals do this and how.   Yes, we know that magnets are metals that have electrons all spinning in the same direction (or at least that’s my understanding. But I’m wrong a lot), but we don’t know much else.  For as ubiquitous as magnets are (among other things, they are used in motors, VCRs, tapes, headphones, speakers, toys, and refrigerator magnets (obviously)), we don’t have an explanation.  And that’s part of the allure, really; we may never be able to understand them, yet we continue to use them.  Which I think is awesome.




1. Magnetic fields, again | cartesian product - February 26, 2012

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