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#2: Paper Clips January 2, 2012

Posted by Sean in Burritos (and other awesome things).

Paper Clips, courtesy Wikipedia

Paper Clips.  When I was younger, I used to collect them (OK, I lied, I still do that).  I mean, they’re so fascinating!  It’s a piece of metal strung out to such a small diameter that we can bend it with such weak force, sometimes covered in coating (which was amusing to scrape off) that’s used in an ingenious way to hold papers together.  Sometimes I wonder who first thought of keeping things attached using small pieces of metal.  Wikipedia gives off a couple names, but the guy(s) who patents something is not always the guy who first thinks it up.  It’s also pretty cool to think that we’ve progressed so far that we can use metal (a material that has to be manufactured in a relatively arduous way) to keep papers together



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