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#3: Baseball January 3, 2012

Posted by Sean in Burritos (and other awesome things).

Baseball is… Where do I even start?  Baseball… Baseball is everything.  I live for baseball, I sleep baseball, I watch baseball, I play baseball… Baseball is everything.   I follow the players, the coaches, the managers, the teams, the GMs, but I really enjoy the logos and uniform changes.  Baseball is everything, man!  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been around baseball.

When I was little, I played T-Ball, then Parent Pitch, then Little League.  When I realized I wasn’t all that good (I went something like 4-248 over three years as a hitter), I quit.  That allowed me to watch MLB even more than I already did.  Of course I watched the Phillies (this was around 2004), but they weren’t very good. Yet.  It seemed the more and more I watched them, the better they got.  Except for a minor hiccup in 2006, they always finished better every year then they did the year before, culminating in the awesomesauce we’ve had the last couple years.

Oh man… This is only the beginning.



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