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Winter Classic Review (Part I) January 3, 2012

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So the Flyers played that Winter Classic thing yesterday.  Despite the ending, it was a pretty exciting (and beautiful) game.

Flyers Winter Classic Jersey (via Icethetics)

via Icethetics

In a vacuum, I LOVE the sweaters/jerseys.  Both teams looked really great, and the Flyers’ orange really popped off the white of the ice, and played really well against the cream/vintage white of the Rangers.  I give them a B-

However, the whole point of the Winter Classic is that it harkens back to days of old, and is supposed to celebrate the heritage of hockey.  Reflecting this, the sweaters have usually been directly inspired by previous designs.  More times than not, they’ve been combinations of eras, evidenced most clearly by the Penguins’ 2011 threads.  But because the Flyers have only been around for about 50 years and  basically wear the same design they first wore, the team didn’t have too many styles to choose from.  I mean, the design they wore from roughly 1982 to 2007 would have been a good start, but I guess 2007 is too recent to harken back to…  With all of that in mind, I still give the Flyers a B-, but a lesser one at that (more 80% than 82%).

Things I like about this sweater:

  • The bright orange of the body
  • The existing hemstripes
  • The keystones behind the Captain’s C/Assistant’s A
  • The colored nameplates (I don’t like the ones on the white roadie sweater, but I can’t get enough of it here or the home orange)
  • The vintage white (I’m not usually a proponent of using vintage white as a retro gimmick, but it works really well here against the orange)
  • The black yoke.  It really provides a great focal piece and works well as a contrast to the orange

Things I don’t like about this sweater:

  • The hemstripes look unfinished (why are there two, unbalanced stripes?  It looks like either the black should be thicker, or there should be another thin black stripe around the bottom)
  • The white outline around the back numbers is way too thick.  This is also an issue I have with the rest of the Flyers’ set
  • Shoelaces.  I usually think hockey laces are pretty nifty, but the Flyers have never worn them, why start now?

All in all, I think this made a very good one-off sweater.  I’d rather not see it as a regular third, especially since it would create color redundancy with the home sweater (which isn’t always a bad thing, however), but I wouldn’t object if they gave it limited (indoor) ice time.



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