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Winter Classic Review (Part II) January 5, 2012

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This is part two of a three-part series about the Winter Classic’s aesthetics.  Part I can be found here.

Rangers Winter Classic Jersey (via Sports Logos)

via Sports Logos.net

Unlike the home team counterpart, I’m a little disappointed in the Rangers’ duds.  Both teams looked really great on the ice, and the orange Flyers looked amazing against the cream/”vintage white” Rangers, despite there being no reason for the Rangers to wear that color.  I’ve said it before (I’ll say again), going retro does not mean vintage white, and vintage white does not mean retro.  I hate that trend, it’s become nothing more than a cheap gimmick.  Initial grade: C+

These jerseys actually really bug me.  A few issues: just like the Flyers, the Rangers didn’t directly draw from any one era, but rather drew inspiration from several.  The only problem is, the Rangers are one of the Original Six and have been around since forever (not really; they were founded in 1926).  And except for three seasons, the Rangers have had “RANGERS” spelled out in diagonal capital letters across their sweaters.  It’s what they’re known for! So why would someone give complete disregard to that and put a new/old crest on the front instead? It doesn’t make any sense.   They’re also known for the distinct number design, the block font with the drop shadow, why just abandon the shadow, even if it’s for one game?  This was an ill attempt at honoring history, but they look nice.  Final grade: C-

Thing I like about this sweater:

  • The hemstripes.  They’re very American, and if there’s any hockey team that I think of as “America’s Team,” it’s Tex’s Rangers, even if I hate them.
  • The shoulder yoke.  It provides a nice balance to the waist stripes, and gives the sweater an even feel.
  • The yoke stripe.  I don’t know of any other sweater that has a striping pattern like that on the shoulders, it makes it unique, and relates back to that balance thing I just talked about.

Things I don’t like about this sweater:

  • The crest. The Rangers don’t wear crests. Get rid of it.
  • Vintage white. GRRRRRRRRR
  • Inconsistent striping. Why are the sleeve stripes blue-white-red-white-blue if the waist and shoulders are blue-white-red?
  • No number drop shadow.  Except for a little hiccup in the 70s, they have always worn dropshadowed numbers since the 40s.  If the point of this sweater was to draw from history, why would they go against history and leave it off…?
  • Vintage white. I just hate it so much.
  • It’s from New York.  Just thought I’d throw that one in there.

Bottom line, this sweater would make a fine fashion jersey, or even a solid alt if there was no claim to be historical.  But since this is a Winter Classic sweater where everything is based on history, it’s not very good.



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