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#8: High-cuffed Pants and Stirrups January 8, 2012

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Baseball is an old-timey game. A relic, if you will. That’s part of the charm of it– baseball is virtually the same as it was when our grandparents’ grandparents saw it, and it will be the same when our grandchildrens’ grandchildren watch it (unless blurnsball takes over by then). Part of the charm of today’s game is when players still dress in that “traditional” look, the high-cuffed pants and stirrupped-socks. There’s no way you can possibly say that this:

Jim Thome (courtesy Wikipedia)

via Wikipedia

The sultan of swat, the titan of terror, the colossus of clout, the king of crash, the GREAT BAMBINO

via Wikipedia

Alex Rodriquez

via Wikipedia

looks worse than this:

Ryan Howard (via baseball-ladies.com)

via baseball-ladies.com

Manny Ramirez (via ESPN.com)

via ESPN.com

David Wright (via NY Daily News)

via NY Daily News

It’s just not possible.  You’re wrong.  No offense to Ryan Howard, Manny or David Wright, but that look just isn’t right.  It’s interesting that I found that picture of Wright, in fact.  If you do a quick Google search for him, there are some images of him with stirrups, and some without (like above). I wish I knew the answer, but perhaps it’s an institution of the new Mets regime?  For their sake, I sure hope so.  They may play like crap, but at least their legs will look good.



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