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#9: Jim Thome January 9, 2012

Posted by Sean in Burritos (and other awesome things), Sports (and other things relating to sports).
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Jim Thome (via Wikipedia)

via Wikipedia

Jim Thome. When I first started watching baseball, it was 2002. It was pretty cool watching guys like Burrell, Glanville, and Rollins play everyday but the team was kinda mediocre. But then that winter I started hearing rumors about the Phillies signing some guy from Cleveland who hits a lot of home runs. Now I didn’t know a lot about baseball yet, but home runs are always exciting to 11 year olds. Skip ahead however long, and then he has that press conference where he choked up a little about leaving Cleveland (and then he made a joke afterward!), he instantly became my favorite player. And then he went out and almost hit 50 home runs! And single-handedly made the Phillies playoff contenders! I really couldn’t like him any more, it was impossible.

The next year I started middle school, and they always have this book fair thing every fall. One time I was in there and I saw a Thome poster, and I knew I had to have it. That night I put it up over my head above my wall, and it’s been there ever since (I even brought it with me to college). It makes me feel safe at night. Even though he’s not a Phillies anymore, Jim Thome is still easily one of my favorite players, and that poster will stay above my head right up until the day it falls apart.

That day this winter when he signed himself back, I couldn’t have been happier.  I was walking to the wood shop that night, and I literally danced on my way for awhile (no one was looking, of course).  The fact that my boyhood idol came back to my team for a very, very good chance at his first ring really makes me giddy for this spring.

Even though it wasn’t in Philadelphia pinstripes, I’m glad he got to 600 home runs. The twelve year old me hopes he stays with the Phillies long enough to hit 700 (how cool would that be?), maybe even 763 (!!!), but the 20 year old me knows that won’t happen. I’ll just be glad if he finally gets his ring.



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