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Crosspost! Nürnberg May 19, 2012

Posted by Sean in Burritos (and other awesome things).

On to Austria! Or not.  I don’t know.

So it turns out, Nuremburg (or Nürnberg in German) is in Bavaria and not in Austria, like I first thought.  I guess I should brush up on my European Geography some more…

After I realized what country we were (still) in, we eventually made our way to the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände, or Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds. We were given a tour by this really cool Scottish lady (who’s best joke was “I married a German man; his name is Hermann… Hermann the German.”).  This area was to be the Hitler’s piece de resistance–the place where he would hold the best rallies, and speeches (including the one time a year where the glass ceiling above him would shine upon him behind the podium a halo of light), and marches, etc., etc.  Hitler’s big “thing” about the complex was intimidation.  Every building was built to be extraordinarily tall, but especially Congress Hall:

Hitler’s told his chief architect, Albert Speer, to design the buildings after Greek, and Roman Classical buildings (particularly the Coliseum in this case), and to make them on an enormous scale. And because it was built on a lake, when viewed from the shore, it looks even more imposing:
Once inside, the walls are tremendous.  Here’s a clip of our tour that shows and talks about the walls:

The tour lasted an hour and a half and we stopped at several important spots, including the grandstand of Hitler’s arena where he would train young men for the “workforce,” (simply a facade; in reality, he was preparing them for war, which was illegal at the time).

One thing that really floored me about the grandstand was how far it has fallen into disrepair.  There are weeds growing out it!  The government of Nuremberg has stated that they will not keep it in it’s former condition in the hope that neo-Nazis and other such groups get no use out of it.



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