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Crosspost! It’s a Small World After All May 19, 2012

Posted by Sean in Meh (other things off the top of my head).

Life is funny sometimes.  And Austria is hot. Go Phillies.

Today, we packed up from Munich and headed off to Linz, via Salzburg.  While on the train to Salzburg, i saw a guy wearing a black Phillies varsity jacket.

“Go Phillies!” I proclaimed.

“Entschuldigung?” he asked.

“Phillies, man… Baseball,” I pointed to my hat, then his jacket.

“Oh, ja! Phillies rule!” he exclaimed, as we high-fived.

Later, once we were in Salzburg, Dylan, Do, and I were trying to get to Mozart’s House and Red Bull World, which are across the street from each other.  curious for directions, I asked some people on the street, but they didn’t know the way and only spoke German.  Bummer.  The next people I asked (two young-looking dudes), However, were much more beneficial to us: not only did they know how to get there, they spoke perfect English, as they hailed from California.

“California?” I asked, “Hey Do! These guys are from California!”
“Oh, word?” he said to me, “Where at?” he asked, as he ran over.

“Bay Area, Napa,” one said.

“No way, bro! I’m from the Bay Area!” he continued on.  The three of them had a nice conversation, it seemed.  Do, citing OakLand as his hometown, was very excited at the experience he just had.  An unforgettable moment, i’m sure.  As if that wasn’t enough, I would have my own Encounter later, at the end of the day…

When we hopped over to Salzburg HauptBahnhof to take off for Linz, we were all hanging around at the platform, waiting for the train to come, when this other group of students walks up about twenty feet from us.

“HEy, another Phillies fan!” I said, to no one in particular.

Kirstin: “How do you know he’s a Phillies fan, sean?”

“He was wearing a Phillies hat, just like mine.”  Presumably overhearing me, he turned around and looked at me, inquisitively.  “Go Phillies!” i shouted, for the second time today.

“Aw yeah, go Phils!” he returned, with an air fist pump.  Jumping at the chance for a conversation, a girl from their group asked us where we were from.

“Philadelphia,” I said.

“Oh, yeah? We’re from IUP, Indiana University,” she returned.  They went on to tell us about their trip, and asked us about the same.  When we said we were from Philadelphia University, yet another student turned around:

“Really?? I’m from Roxborough, I’m right near there!  Are any of you actually from Philadelphia?”

“I’m from the suburbs…” I returned.
“Yeah? Which one?”


“…Did you go to Havertown High?” he asked, naïve as to the actual name of the school.

“Do you know an Emily P.?” (Last name removed).

“I do! I know emily well.”

“Yeah, she’s my cousin.”

This guy, from America, whom I have never seen before (and likely will never see again), is related to someone I know from high school.

And we met in Austria.

The world is a funny place sometimes.



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