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Crosspost! Fuechse! Stomp Stomp Stomp May 30, 2012

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Handball is basically the greatest thing ever, I wish it were this big in America…

Original here: http://wordpress.philau.edu/germany2012/2012/05/30/fuechse-stomp-stomp-stomp/

Today I experienced what was perhaps the greatest thing ever on this trip.  Team Handball.

When I was in high school, one of my top three favorite games to play in Gym class was handball (I was always the goalie. always.), so naturally, when I found out that handball is relatively big over here, I had to catch a game.

The atmosphere when we first got there was, to say the least, was intense.  People everywhere were wearing Fuechse yellow, and purple-blue, or even black or white clothes with FUECHSE branded all over it (they suckered me into it; I bought a black shirt–totally worth it).  They even have a band section, which led the cheers with drum patterns of FUECHSE! RAT TAT TAT when on offense, and the more familiar RAT A TAT TAT RAT A TAT TAT when on defense.

When the game started, the announcer said a whole lot of German, but when he introduced the players, he’d say something along the lines of “NUMBER 21! MARK…!” and then the crowd would fill in “BULT!” and they kept doing this for all 19 players on the team, it was quite a scene to behold.

Once the game got underway, it was nonstop, on-the-edge-of-your-seat action (literally; I couldn’t see if I sat back), and a goal was scored seemingly every thirty seconds (especially by Berlin, TBV Lemgo’s goalie was not very good, I honestly think I could have done a much better job).  The final score was 36-24, Berlin.

At the end of the game, the whole arena seemed to explode with celebration; the audience (except the five of us) burst into what I presume was the team’s fight song (they sang a lot of German, but kept saying Berlin and Fuechse), and then when that was over, the players ran off, the announcer came back on, said a lot of German, and then the players came back out, one by one, the way they had been introduced, only to louder applause.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but today’s win qualified the team for an automatic qualifier in the European Champion’s League.  Another thing they did at the end that I thought was über cool was the last player introduced– Alexander Petersson, or– affectionately, just Alexander.  I had no idea what was being said, but he came out to thunderous applause from the fans, the on-court personnel, and both teams, and brought his kids out, and was followed by a cardboard cutout of himself.  Upon finishing his speech, the announcer handed over the cutout to the rest of the team, who promptly threw it in the air in celebration.

German sports are the best thing ever, I wish America was this awesome.



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