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Why Blow It Up? June 6, 2013

Posted by Sean in Sports (and other things relating to sports).
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Call me a homer or what have you, but I really don’t think it’s necessary that the Phillies blow it up, and that all of these articles across the web saying so are just that typical “Negadelphianism” that happens an awful lot. Even if Hamels is somehow reverting to his 2009 form and Halladay is probably done (sad), we still have Cliff Lee blowing people away, and Kyle Kendrick somehow or another following closely behind. I hate the guy, but even Papelbon has been solid, and outside of Pettibone, the kids in the ‘pen need some work, which is fine by me, as long as they have Lee/Kendrick (wtf)/Hamels before them and Papelbon after them.

And that’s just on the mound. Dom Brown is quite obviously lighting it up, Utley’s not done yet, and Galvis and Hernandez still have more to prove. The Phillies aren’t going to win the World Series with the roster as is, but I think they’re closer than people give them credit for. Why should they blow it up? Why not retool and continue to take a shot?

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