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Arena Baseball

Originally posted on Phillies.tk

This is an idea I’ve had for years now. I first thought it up when I went to see an arena football game (which is awesome, by the way). After the thrill of the game, I thought, It seems that everything is played indoors, nowadays. Except baseball. I wonder why not. I should do that. Yes, that is how I think. Choppy. Just like this paragraph. Anyways, after some revisions (and after I lost it in my room a bunch of times), and a year later, this is what I came up with.  EDIT: I made an Arena model on Google SketchUp.

Arena Baseball Constitution

I’ll probably organize this better later.


1. Douglas - September 27, 2008

I think all the basepaths should be the same! and I found out that there is a REAL arena baseball, where basepaths are 60 feet, and the ball and bats are rubber. good ideaes, though 🙂

2. Ron - May 31, 2009

Fewer rules would be better, of course. And tailoring the game to a different sort of player would be good, in the way that Arena Football thrived initially by appealing to guys who could play both sides of the ball.

So in arena, there’d be no DH.

And it should only be 5 innings rather than 9.

If the game is tied after 5 innings, teams lose a player each inning and after 9 innings, the game remains a tie like hockey in the regular season.

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