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#15: The 2002 Phillies January 15, 2012

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The 2002 Phillies sucked on ice.   But 2002 was the first year I started paying attention to baseball and the Phillies.  I was 10 years old.  Now, the Phillies may not have been very good, but they were my team and I loved every single one of them, except Jose Santiago, fuck that stiff.  Oh, and Scot Rolen. What a fucking traitor.  Oh, and Travis Lee, fuck that whiner.  But there were some interesting characters…

Doug Glanville, the hometown engineering student from Penn (what an egghead!).  Pat Burrell, the lady’s man (what that means to a 10 year old?  It meant all the ladies played his Playstation, of course!).  J-Roll, the young stud that was going to be the anchor for at least the next ten years.  Mike Lieberthal, the greatest catcher in team history.  Jeremy Giambi, who was the latest in a line of wrong brothers on the Phillies (holy hell could he mash the ball!).  Randy Wolf and his Wolfpack.  Vicente Padilla and his near no hitter.  Jose Mesa, aka Joe Table.

Listen, the team wasn’t very good.  But the players were fun, and 10 year olds love fun.

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