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#15: The 2002 Phillies January 15, 2012

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The 2002 Phillies sucked on ice.   But 2002 was the first year I started paying attention to baseball and the Phillies.  I was 10 years old.  Now, the Phillies may not have been very good, but they were my team and I loved every single one of them, except Jose Santiago, fuck that stiff.  Oh, and Scot Rolen. What a fucking traitor.  Oh, and Travis Lee, fuck that whiner.  But there were some interesting characters…

Doug Glanville, the hometown engineering student from Penn (what an egghead!).  Pat Burrell, the lady’s man (what that means to a 10 year old?  It meant all the ladies played his Playstation, of course!).  J-Roll, the young stud that was going to be the anchor for at least the next ten years.  Mike Lieberthal, the greatest catcher in team history.  Jeremy Giambi, who was the latest in a line of wrong brothers on the Phillies (holy hell could he mash the ball!).  Randy Wolf and his Wolfpack.  Vicente Padilla and his near no hitter.  Jose Mesa, aka Joe Table.

Listen, the team wasn’t very good.  But the players were fun, and 10 year olds love fun.


What the Coco Crisp Deal Means To The Phillies November 19, 2008

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Earlier today, it was announced that the Red Sox traded outfielder Coco Crisp (please, no breakfast cereals jokes) to the Royals for middle reliever Ramon Ramirez. Crisp started the year off as the Sox’s starting center fielder, but ended it as a platoon with center fielder of the future, Jacoby Ellsbury. The Red Sox had made it known publicly that they wanted more bullpen help, and with the addition of Ramirez (who is likely going to be the Sox’s primary setup man behind Jonathan Papelbon), which enables them to move righty Justin Masterson into to the rotation, where he is more comfortable.

This deal likely lessens free agent pitchers A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe’s bargaining power. The Red Sox figured to be a major player in the “bidding war” for either (or both) of these quality starters. With the bullpen likely settled, and Masterson in the rotation, the 2007 World Champions are likely set with pitching. This means, now, that the Phillies could swing in and pick one up (however unlikely that is).

On a lesser scale, the Royals were considered far-fetched suitors for Pat Burrell. I say far-fetched because they most definitely do not have the money it would take to afford the former #1 pick. However, this does not put them out of the running completely. If they trade away David DeJesus and/or Mark Teahen (as expected), and if they somehow garnered some cash, a deal could be made for the slugger.

In short, this deal means that Derek Lowe, A.J. Burnett, and Pat Burrell all have lost at least some bargaining power, which makes them all the more sweeter for the reigning world champions of baseball.

Inaugural Phillies.tk Podcast Released April 21, 2008

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It’s around Seven minutes long. Topics covered include the transactions for the week (JRoll and Snelling to the DL, and the replacements), and what the Phils can do to replace the MVP and Victorino.

Update: Stupid WordPress won’t let me post it here. You’re going to have to go to philliestk.podbean.com to see/hear it (not too difficult), or search for it in the iTunes library. I submitted it today, so it should be available for download in a few days.

Pat Burrell vs. Mike Schmidt March 3, 2008

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Well, it certainly has been a while since I posted, hasn’t it?  Here’s a post I’ve been meaning to do for a while, comparing the current Phillies left fielder to the team’s greatest slugger (as of now).  This post more than makes up for my month-long absence. It’s ~800 words.  Enjoy!Mike Schmidt Pic vs. Pat the Bat (more…)

Veteran Outfieder So Taguchi signed December 23, 2007

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Part of Pat Gillick’s Christmas Wish List:

  • Japanese player to replace Gooch,
  • Veteran hitter not named Jenkins,
  • Versatile outfielder for bench.

Those three things were filled today (12/23), with only two more days until the “big day” for most of us. With the signing of ex-Cardinal Taguchi, the Phillies now have a versatile, Japanese outfielder on the bench. The terms are believed to be a million dollars fora year, with an option for 2009. His ’07 numbers, courtesy of the baseball cube: 3 HR, 30 RBI, 7 bags stolen, 23 walks, 33 K’s, .290 AVG, .350 OBP.

Click for more. (more…)

Geoff Jenkins and Chad Durbin signed December 20, 2007

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That’s right phans, our Phightins signed another (cheaper) Pat Burrell, and another reliever named Durbin akin to the former red-pinstriper Brandon Duckworth. The two signed today (12/20/07), and the press conference was at 3:30 PM, but yours truly did not see it. Here’s the link from Phillies.com that announced the signings. Jenkins is expected to split right field with Jayson Werth, and most likely start against righties. Durbin is expected to be one of the bajillion pitchers who will be fighting for the fifth spot in the rotation, but he will likely end up in the ‘pen with the other Durbin. Numbers and more below the phold. (more…)

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